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Shot Scope Pro L1 Laser Range Finder + Carry Case - Slope Switch - Pin Vibrate

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Laser Rangefinder with Target-Lock Vibration and Adaptive Slope Technology




Includes: 1 x Shot Scope PRO L1 Rangefinder, premium carry case, lanyard, carry clip,



cleaning cloth and 1 x CR123 battery





Key features:




·      Red and Black Dual Optics



·      Adaptive Slope Technology



·      Target-Lock Vibration



·      Range 875 yards



·      X6 Magnification



·      Precision Clear Lens





The Shot Scope PRO L1 is a quick firing laser packed full of features usually only found



at a premium price tag. The Pro L1 has a customizable Red / Black Optics display and a



Precision Clear Lens ensuring the display is readable in all light environments and



weather conditions. The rangefinder features Target-Lock Vibration to ensure you can



lock on to the target with confidence. It also has Adaptive Slope Technology which



provides slope-adjusted distances for elevation changes on the golf course, slope can be



turned off to comply with tournament regulations. Distances are available in Yards or



Metres and are accurate to 0.1 of a yard.





Product Details



·      Red and Black Dual Optics



·      Adaptive Slope Technology



·      Target-Lock Vibration



·      Distances in Yards or Metres



·      Range 875 Yards



·      X6 Magnification



·      Precision Clear Lens



·      Adjustable Eyepiece



·      Accurate to 0.1 Yard



·      Water Resistant



·      Conforms to the Rules of Golf



·      12 Month Limited Warranty



·      Replaceable CR123 Battery








·      Technical Specs



·      Sizing



·      Length: 104mm



·      Width: 43mm



·      Height: 75mm



·      Laser Type: 905nm, Class 1



·      Lens Type: Fully Multi-Coated



·      Weight: 206 Grams



·      Dimensions: (length x width x height) 104 x 43 x 75 mm



·      Battery Type: CR123



·      Battery Life: Approx. 5,800 measures



·      Slope On/Off Switch: Yes



·      Dual Optics: Yes, Red or Black



·      Range: 875 yards



·      Range Accuracy: 0.1 yard



·      Measurement Units: Yards or Metres



·      Magnification: 6x



·      Water Resistant: Yes